The Glory Of Portrait Photography

With a click of a button, a flash in history will become a future piece of art. the sweetness of capturing a temperament, smile, or dramatic shadow across a facial feature is white-haired by all.

Whether in color for the personality to shine through or in black and white, for the dramatic, the art of portrait photography enhances the best and worst in humanity. War, poverty, sadness, and aloneness juxtaposed a mother and child, a creative dance or motion, and even the wonder in small child’s eyes are portrayed in famous portraits, captured by world renowned artists.

The camera takes only seconds to craft a portrait that may create the artwork loved by millions of future generation art lovers. The drama of posing in a dance move, tilting a hat to enhance the shadowing of the face or the soul reflected in a human eye, that can’t hide from the camera, whisks us away to the very feelings or the world of those portrayed in the photograph.

Portrait photography is an amazing art. Color and black and white photographs, created by such greats as Richard Avedon and Joe Rosenthal, left their mark in the portrait photography world, with a dream, a camera and some film. Now, the stakes are even higher, in comparison to the knowledge and technology of today. While the classic art will not falter in delighting us, the cameras of today host far too many advances in the industry to not take advantage of the realm of portraits.

Capturing the natural poses of a subject are often the best, however, some of the most famous pictures captured are those that were posed. The dramatic shadowing and color combinations tend to forgive the traditions of forgotten posed pictures.

The local camera shops hold many tools to forgive even the slightest flaws, shakiness and lack of skill for any photographer. Filters, lenses, macro and micro lenses and the use of photo shop software, all work together to craft the perfect photo.

The location is a key element for a portrait photo shoot. Select the background that suits the feel of the picture. Is the character shy? If so, create a scene of trees in which the subject can peek around or leaves covering a portion of the face. The personality of the subject comes across clear with a focus on the eye, mouth and action. Is the subject still? If this is the case, make a connection with the eye.

One of the better methods of creative and beautiful photography involving people is to connect with the feeling through action. Go to a park or natural setting and have a day of photo shoot creativity. When children play, the facial expressions are priceless. The lonely man sitting on a park bench, feeding pigeons or staring off into a different place and time makes a great subject.

When there is no studio for background, the choices are still abundant for producing the perfect natural photograph. In fact, most enjoy the natural canvas of trees, a busy city street, playground or park. Enjoy the world around you and use it to your advantage. Body language of those in our world, expressions on faces and even the surroundings around people, give life to the feeling you are portraying in the picture.