Photo is A Treasure of Depth and Sense of Emotional Meaning

What is a icon? Merriam Webster defines the term photo as “the art or method of manufacturing pictures by the action of energy, and particularly light-weight on a sensitive surface”. tho’ this could be the literal that means of the word icon, the photograph truly contains a way bigger wealth of depth, and sense of emotional that means.

The photo is a means to preserve our most treasured memories. It captures the times we can not bring back. It is like a flat, square time capsule, which allows us to view the past, allowing us a glimpse into the times which we can never revisit, but for in this image we hold in our hands, or our own minds eye. It is the valiant time traveler, who so graciously allows us to share in his memories of times forgotten.

The photo is the ultra sound of your baby before he or she even arrives. It is the first time a mother lays her eyes upon her unborn child. Once this blessed being arrives, the photo becomes his first steps, his first smile, the first time he kisses his mother, his first birthday, his first ride in the new wagon daddy bought him when he turned three. It travels along with him, serving as a tool of documentation, noting each path in his journey of life. It follows him to his first day of kindergarten, his first bicycle ride, and first trip to the zoo. The photo is with him on his first date, his first Jr. High dance, and it captures perfectly his trembling hands, as he pins the corsage on his prom date. Later, the photo captures his highschool graduation, his smile of self approval, and as he leaves for college, it steals just a small glimpse of fearful, yet excited anticipation of a new start. Then comes his wedding day. The faithful photo is there yet again. It fails not to catch the tears in his mothers eyes as she watches her baby come to be a man.

The photo is the window into grandmother past. It is the reflection of her times gone by. It is the tool in which she uses to teach her grandchildren about her own past, to show them her parents, her grandparents before them, and the neighborhood where she grew up, what it was like to be a child in her day. These images, making it easier for her eager, little listeners, to see the things in which she describes. It allows them to better understand that grandma was once young, she was a child, a carefree teenager, and a then a beautiful young woman who stole grandpasheart, at the Sadie Hopkins day dance. Then one day, the photo, along with the memories, become all that they have left of their own grandmother. They are grandmothers legacy to them, who she loved so dearly.

The photo is many things to different people. It has an almost endless meaning, for it is timeless. As we all know, time is the only thing without end. Though particular phases of time may come to completion, though people may phase out of time, time itself continues on, as do the memories of the photo.